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Creator & Editor of Smex Ed Magazine 

Amanda King is an sexual empowerment mentor who helps women claim their self confidence, have the audacity to say fuck it to societal standards, & step into their power

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Smex Ed Magazine 

Welcome to SMEX ED, the digital magazine dedicated to teaching you the shit you should have learned in school. My name is Amanda King & I am the creator behind SMEX ED.

My goal with SMEX ED is to bring educational, fun, creative, and mind expanding articles about sex, kinks, fetishes, and all thing considered “taboo” that really shouldn’t be. To bring these conversations about that are happening behind closed doors; to the forefront of the stage.

Yes, sex is a large portion of SMEX ED Magazine, however, we will be addressing a variety of topics that encompass all things: relationships, communication, self confidence.  Because sex is so much more than just two people getting naked and fucking. Sex is about intimacy, connection, pleasure and feeling safe with your partner.

The reason SMEX ED is so important is because people shouldn’t feel ashamed of pleasure, be living in fear of their bodies, and constantly questioning whether or not what they are experiencing is “normal.”

Many people are being forced to have these conversations in secret all because society can’t handle a little bit of kinkiness with their morning coffee. The lack of education around sex, the fact that society deems it “taboo” is causing millions of people to feel isolated in their sexual desires. SMEX ED wants to normalize these topics so that our readers feel safer and less alone. 


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The world of sex toys can be daunting to explore. The variety of toys that are now available for women are incredible, but if you’ve never purchased a toy before, it can be extremely overwhelming. 

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I polled the SmexEd instagram users last month about their favorite sexual positions and more than 50% of you said you like something kinkier than the basics (missionary, doggy, cowgirl) …. But no one wanted to offer up what those may be. 

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I have the “what form of birth control do you use” conversation approximately fifteen times a day. The most common answer is birth control pills and very often a sheepish “nothing” comes tumbling out. However, I have discovered...

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It was towards the end of my shift and I was sitting on the lap of one my favorite patrons in VIP, drawing his attention to my dainty little lacey lingerie. It was a new addition to my collection – a sunny yellow elegant two piece 

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This may not be news to anyone who is reading this, but relationships can be rather complicated to say the least. On top of that, One of the most complicated aspects is what happens following the end of that relationship. 

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In a world that often wants to put women in neat little boxes, burlesque is that rebellious sister who refuses to be confined. It’s a celebration of sensuality, a dazzling display of self-expression,  empowerment, and a dash of taboo. 

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SMEX ED is a podcast dedicated to bringing "taboo" conversations about sex, relationships, kinks, & communication from behind closed doors into the limelight.

Imagine what it would be like to feel safe in your body? To allow it to feel every ounce of pleasure that it was built to experience? To be able to communicate to your partner what you want and desire, not just on a sexual level, but on a soul level? This is what we are hoping to bring you with the SMEX ED Podcast.

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"That's why audio porn is so appealing to women because it allows them to create a fantasy that is tailored to exactly what they want, what they desire, with who they desire when mainstream porn is about two characters they have no type of connection to, they have no emotional intimacy with, just having sex"

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"I show up for the WOMEN who need me right now, who are burnt out, unsatisfied, sexually frustrated, sexually disempowered, & tired of being so. THEY are my people & THEY matter to me more than those who aren’t. This is me living my most authentic life & expressing it in a way that makes me feel powerful. Because I deserve that right and so do YOU!

So why don’t we be Audacious as fuck together?"



 Who is Amanda?....................


Every single day as a Sex Educator, I receive messages from these misinformed adults and we can’t entirely blame some of them for their level of ignorance. The fact is, no one is having these discussions in a public form and it makes sense why they aren’t. Sex has always been a “taboo” subject that makes a lot of people in this world very uncomfortable even though it shouldn’t. But the amount of religious, societal, generational condition that is placed on the subject makes every one afraid to ask the questions that they desperately need the answers for.

That is why I created SMEX ED, to bring forward educational pieces that answer these questions for our readers because you deserve the right to know. You deserve the right to recognize it is all normal. You deserve the right to feel safe in your body.


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Audacious AF 

We all have an inner voice shouting, “Fuck it!” at expectations and standards. An inkling that the rules might just be the things holding you back. Amanda King teaches you to screw the standards and let your inner “fuck it” out for the world to hear.

Are you an entrepreneur trying to make it in the online space? How do you cut through all the conflicting advice and define what success means to you? How do you show up, help people, and make money along the way? And how do you do it all without losing your fucking mind?

Business coach, entrepreneur, and general badass Amanda King has the answers. Audacious AF teaches you how to throw the rule book out the fucking window and start leading your business from a place of authenticity. Outlining the thirteen most important moments of her own personal online entrepreneurial journey, King describes finding the courage to leave business norms behind, stand in her own power, and have the audacity to say, “Fuck that shit—I’ll do it my way.”

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